[DevilsFilm] Lexi Smith (I Tittyfucked My Mother-In-Law! #02 / MilfVideos.live)


Apollo Banks is helping his wife’s parent, Lexi Smith, to carry some new furniture into her house. Once the furniture has successfully been moved, Lexi invites Apollo to sit on the new couch to try it out.

As they begin to chat, Lexi asks him how things are going with his wife. Apollo admits that his wife doesn’t want to go out much right now, since she recently had a bundle of joy. Lexi assures him that’s normal for new parents. Lexi then asks him how his sex life is going, but Apollo confesses it’s been going nowhere.

Lexi says that won’t do, and promises to have a talk with his wife. But in the meantime, Lexi says that SHE can give Apollo what he’s missing. Apollo is shocked and hesitant at the idea of having sex with his in-law, but when Lexi takes out her impressive breasts and says he can tittyfuck her, Apollo just can’t resist the offer!

Date: November 2, 2023
Actors: Lexi Smith